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Baby Photo Session

  • Baby Package $159.
    Mini Session - 20 minute
    Includes studio session
    Plus 6 digital high resolution images with copyright release.
    Classic and fashion lighting in-studio
    4 person max
    No clothing changes.

  • Outdoor and in-studio session $189.
    Mini Session - 30 minute
    Includes outdoor and in-studio portraits
    Plus 6 digital high resolution images with copyright release.
    Beautiful country studio with 2 acre lake.
    Outdoor porches, rust wall , cool abandoned house... much more.
    4 person max
    Classic and fashion lighting in-studio look.
    No clothing changes.

    Big Photo Session

  • Includes outdoor and in-studio portraits.
    20 to 30 professional pre-touched up and cropped digital files on an image CD.
    In studio session with professional magazine quality lighting.
    Various canvas and other beautiful and graphic backgrounds and studio props.
    Includes: outdoor session on our huge wooded property with a beautiful lake.
    Rustic old barn and boat dock all on studio property.
    6 person session add $10. each per extra person
    just $375.

    We offer A la carte and paper photo packages starting at $149

    image The Baby


    Private no rush sessions in our studio. Baby will start the fist easy fun sesson at ages 3 months, 6 months, 9 and 12 months. Then we will present you with a beautiful 20 inch by 10 inch portrait panel showing your baby's first year in photographs. All for only $49. for 4 sessions. Of course, you get to see your babies portraits on our amazing projection screen and you select each pose you want in your panel. Now is the time to contact us. Once your baby is older, that's too late. This special offer is to introduce you to our studio! limited space available, It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to receive your baby's panel with four poses.

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