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Family Photo Session

  • Family Portrait Package $159.
    Mini Session - 20 minute
    Includes studio session
    Plus 6 digital high resolution images with copyright release.
    Classic and fashion lighting in-studio
    No clothing changes.
    4 person max

  • Outdoor and in-studio session $189.
    Mini Session - 30 minute
    Includes outdoor and in-studio portraits
    Plus 6 digital high resolution images with copyright release.
    Beautiful country studio with 2 acre lake.
    Outdoor porches, rust wall , cool abandoned house... much more.
    4 person max
    No clothing changes.
    Classic and fashion lighting in-studio look.

    Big Family Photo Session

  • Includes outdoor and in-studio portraits.
    20 to 30 professional pre-touched up and cropped digital files on an image CD.
    In studio session with professional magazine quality lighting.
    Various canvas and other beautiful and graphic backgrounds and studio props.
    Includes: outdoor session on our huge wooded property with a beautiful lake.
    Rustic old barn and boat dock all on studio property.
    6 person session add $10 for each extra person
    Just $375.

    We offer A la carte and paper photo packages starting at $149

    Tips for a great
    • 1) Arrive Early - Arrive to your session at least 5 minutes early so we are able to start on time.
    • 2) What should your family wear? We feel that your portrait should represent your family. Are you a caual fun family?, are you a dress up family? Where will you hang your portrait? Will the portrait be hung in the den or above your fireplace? These deceisions will help you decide how best to dress. Something classy... Dress, suits and ties Something casual... Kaki pants and blue white or pastel shirts.
      Avoid stripes and plaids. Wear solids and a consistant pant style ( All long or all short) Long sleves look better then short.
    • 3) Hair - Avoid new styles/cuts right before your session so you don't get the fresh cut look.
    • 4)Avoid sunburn as it does not photograph well.
    • 5) Do not worry if your skin is not perfect.
    • 6) All basic retouching at no extra charge.

      Planing for your
      Family Session!
      A Family Portrait is the most important part of your home decor. Your family is special. Unique. A story of success, failure, and ultimate triumph. Don't settle for an ordinary "family picture" to portray the extraordinary nature of your family. Call for an appointment today! We'll discuss what things characterize the culture of your family. Together, we will make plans to create a portrait that celebrates the unique identity of your family.

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