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Mommy & Daddy & Me
A session of mother with child Is complimentary if you baby is under 8 weeks!

Family Photo Session

  • Family Portrait Package $159.
    Mini Session - 20 minute
    Includes studio session
    Plus 6 digital high resolution images with copyright release.
    Classic and fashion lighting in-studio
    4 person max
    No clothing changes.

  • Outdoor and in-studio session $189.
    Mini Session - 30 minute
    Includes outdoor and in-studio portraits
    Plus 6 digital high resolution images with copyright release.
    Beautiful country studio with 2 acre lake.
    Outdoor porches, rust wall , cool abandoned house... much more.
    4 person max
    Classic and fashion lighting in-studio look.
    No clothing changes.

    Big Mommy and Baby Photo Session

  • Includes outdoor and in-studio portraits.
    20 to 30 professional pre-touched up and cropped digital files on an image CD.
    In studio session with professional magazine quality lighting.
    Various canvas and other beautiful and graphic backgrounds and studio props.
    Includes: outdoor session on our huge wooded property with a beautiful lake.
    Rustic old barn and boat dock all on studio property.
    just $375.

    We offer A la carte and paper photo packages starting at $149

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