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image Senior Photo Special!
You receive 20 to 35 professional pre-touched up and cropped images.
Includes 3 clothing changes. ($25. for each additional clothing change.)
In studio session with professional magazine quality lighting.
Various canvas and other beautiful and graphic backgrounds and studio props.
Includes: outdoor session on our wooded aches with beautiful lake.
Rustic old barn and boat dock all on studio property.
Download your final images. Just $425.
Also receive 50% off all hard copy photo packages.

View Roxanna's full senior session!

Tips for a great
  • 1) Arrive Early - Arrive to your session at least 5 minutes early
    so we are able to start on time.
  • 2) What do I wear? Something classy... Something casual... Something that is uniquely you... Something different...
    Avoid stripes and plaids. Bring solids and a wide variety of colors. Long sleeves look better then short.
    Bring lots of outfits, most girls wear 4-5 so, if in doubt, bring it. Also, bring your clothes on hangers to avoid wrinkles.
  • 3) Hair - Avoid new styles/cuts right before your session so you don't get the fresh cut look.
  • 4) Props - Bring them. Sports equipment, Prom Dresses, Cars, Instruments...Just bring them.
  • 5) Glasses - Glasses cause glare, so if possible have your lenses removed or check with your Optometrist for empty frames.
  • 6) A few other things to keep in mind - Friends and Parents are always welcome.
  • 7) Avoid sunburn as it does not photograph well.
  • 8) Do not worry if your skin is not perfect.
  • 9) All basic retouching at no extra charge.

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